Exhibitions and catalogues

Over the past decades, the gallery has contributed to many exhibitions throughout Europe and Russia by loaning some of its most significant icons.

In the following, you will find a list of the most important exhibitions and catalogues:


"PAM, Fine Art Fair 2014", Sporting d'Hiver Monte Carlo, Monaco

Participation in the Pam, Fine Art Fair 2014, Sporting D’Hiver Monte Carlo, Monaco.


Greek Icons of the Island of Crete from the 15th to 17th Century, Museum Andrey Rubleov

Author: L. Evseeva
Publisher: Museum Andrej Rubleov, Moskau

(copy 3)


"Masterpieces of Russian Icon Painting from the 16th to 19th centuries from Private Collections", Puschkin Museum, Moskau

Author: N. Zabovozky, J. Shalina, L. Evseeva
Publisher: Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts - Department of Russian icons


"Regained National Treasure" Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Author: A. P. Ivannikova, V. S. Bolšakova, I. A. Šalina
Publisher: Severnyj palomnik
ISBN: 978-5-94431-262-4

1997 / 98

"D`UN AUTRE MONDE", Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp

Author: Prof. N. Chatzidakis, John Stuart, Natalia Teteriatnikov, Veerle Vandamme, Dr. E. Vandamme
Publisher: Snoeck-Ducaju & Zoon
ISBN: 90-5325-092-1

1988 / 89

"Golden Light", Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp

Author: Prof. Dr. N. Chatzidakis, G. De Mets, A. Kinnet, Prof. Dr. Lafontaine-Dosogne, M. Martens, J. Opdebeeck, Prof. Dr. K. Rimanque, Dr. E. Vandamme
Publisher: Snoeck-Ducaju & Zoon
ISBN: 90-70481-58-8


"Kunst des Christlichen Ostens", Jahrhunderthalle Hoechst

Author: Skrobucha, Heinz Paul Gerhart
Publisher: Frankfurt am Main, Jahrhunderthalle Höchst

We have hosted a number of exhibitions including:

Benedictine Abbey Schweiklberg, Diocesan Museum Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg during the Festival, Benedictine Abbey Münsterschwarzach, Würzburg, Saarbrücken, Asamsaal in Freising, Trier, “La Redoute” in Bonn, Arch Diocesan Museum in Vienna, Abbey Benediktbeuren, Sigmaringen etc. as well as various art and antique fairs and events.

We maintain the collection Neidl in Wilten

Professor Dr. Dr. Neid donated a part of his extensive and valuable icon collection to the diocese Prämonstratenser Chorherren Stift Wilten. This collection was compiled over decades and in close collaboration with the icon gallery Dritsoulas. Nicolas and Andreas Dritsoulas maintain the collection to this day.

Kollaboration with the Museum of Russian Icons, Moscow

The Museum of Russian Icons was founded in 2006 by a Russian entrepreneur and patron of the arts. With its approx. 4500 exhibits, it is the largest and most important private collection of orthodox art in Russia. The Icon Gallery Dritsoulas supported the Museum of Russian Icons in compiling this exceptional collection and remains a vital point of contact to this day.